Saturday, June 28, 2008


you are very missed


Anonymous said...

awwww thats so sweet of you!!
it really is.
very nice mr. williams.

Anonymous said...

ummm good lord your skinny! i can see your ribs.
im gonna send you some quiznos. hahahah
god that still sounds good.

Mary Lou said...

Yep, we all miss him, too!!

So what's with all the tats!! Did you just get that one??? Tell us more!! Who does tats in Iraq??

What's the latest with your leave in December?? I want to know!!!

I keep checking the heat wave you're having over there!! Unbelievable!! How does anyone live there?? And why??

Keep hydrated and eat something, for god's sake!!!!

Love you and I check on you every day - more than once!!
Aunt Roo

KurtMartiNick said...

flew WWII bombers without computer assistance. AMAZING

Topher said...

I dig your blog Doc Williams
Doc Williams

Mary Lou said...

Haven't heard from you lately. What's going on? Please write something soon so we know you're ok.
Have you heard anymore about your leave in December? Would love to see your face in person!!!
Drink lots of water and please keep eating. Will it ever cool off in that god-forsaken desert??
Love you!! XXXOOO
Aunt Roo