Saturday, June 21, 2008

It was a weird feeling from the start

before you start reading...a warning, this is our life...this is the beast of iraq...some days nothing, one day...something.

As we started our patrol at 0100 or 1am we walked though our area of operation and things seemed out of place. I couldnt tell you exactly what it was but it just didnt feel right. we moved down alley after alley hinding and moving in the shadows. there was a strange feeling of being watched. We moved down another alley way and stoped at a main road. one team had to run across and pull overwatch as the next team moved across the road. the first team went and when they were in position across the road i looked back and saw that the following team was looking at something. on the second story there were two men looking at us and then ducking their heads down. night vision is an amazing thing...we were able to see every movement. they poked their heads out again and were met with a red laser pointed at their heads. needless to say we didnt see them again. our team scrambled across the street and pulled over watch for the third and final team to cross. the first team then started moving down another alley, we were going home. As soon as i got up and started moving shots rang out. we all quickly found cover and returned fire. Then we moved up a parallel wall and bounded as teams of two ran to a bigger building by the main road. as soon as they were set the other two went. When i got over to the bigger building there were only 4 more guys to get over to us. And as soon as they did we saw men in the alleyway facing us with weapons. An entire Gun team opened fire on this alley way, destroying cars and buildings with high volumes of fire and high explosive 40mm grenades. 6 grenades were fired almost instantly and men were running through mag after mag. our vehicles were at the scene now and were opening fire with large caliber machine guns supressing fire while we mounted up. the whole ordeal lasted only about 10 minutes but we managed to go through nearly 1000 rounds of rifle ammo and 6 High explosive grenades. muzzle flashes were seen from several different locations and lead each one of us to believe that they were waiting for us. Those two men on the rooftop...did they give us away, did they call ahead? gunships were on standby and in the area looking for targets for their hellfire missles to strike. There was no more movement. we moved back through the area twice since a few hours ago and found nothing...just mangled cars and buildings. this city has its high points and low points... the children are smiling durring the day but at any moment things can change. i write this here because its important you understand what were doing here. its important to know that were still here. I started this to give friends and family an accurate portrayel of what its really like over here.


Anonymous said...
thats pretty intense eric.
im so thankful youre alright.
i dont know what id do...
i love you so much and keep doing an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm so glad to be able to chat with you this morning, and to see you are ok. As I said this morning, it's very dangerous where you are, and we all need to be reminded of that! I'm so proud of you, and the work you are doing there....just please be alert and watch your back. As your mother, I shall always worry for you safety! I love you, punkin'...and know I'm always thinking of you!

Love you....

KurtMartiNick said...

Good gut feeling.Too bad there's no B-52s for carpet bombing. Keep your weapon clean. GODS SPEED YOUNG ERIC

Bryan said...

Glad to hear that you and your guys are safe. We appreciate you sharing what is going on over there with us. So many people have no clue.

Stay safe!