Thursday, June 19, 2008

hey everybody

hey everybody,

things have been ok out here lately. its getting really hot now...i dont even care to look at a thermomater. Not too much going on here. a few updates though... my december leave is now up in the air...because of the dust storms no birds can fly...therefore those people dont leave on time for their leave so it pushes everyone back one day...we have had 10 days of red air. so that would push me back to december 18th now...bullshit i know. so we will have to wait and see if this gets moved around to try to fix the problem... im as lost as you are in this situation. in other news ive heard that we push past the wall in december so that should be fun haha. Ive decided on becoming a flight medic when i get out of iraq. its something that i can make alot of money with in the private sector and something that i would be very happy with... ill drop my packet and go to school for 4 weeks then be a medic on a medivac cool. i feel a little relieved that i finally made up my mind. This way ill be able to have some sort of life back home...well heres some random pics from our patrols...not too much going on so ill give some background on the pics.

This is Stalher. hes our grenadier, and AG (assistant gunner) he carrys all the ammo for our big gun that another guy carrys. the little kid in the forground is Lenny...well we actually dont know his name so we just called him Lenny. he didnt say much but for about 15 minutes he was Staff Sgt Richwien's best friend (pic above Stalher)

The girl in the green dress was so intrigued by my camera... she didnt move or anything. usally the women in this country arnt as welcoming of photography as the boys are. but i thought this turned out pretty good

As we were questioning some people on the street SGT Consintine was moving around to get a better position for security. SGT Consintine is one of our team leaders

And well this was me crammed into the bradley while delivering 3 generators to people's business' that were affected by the combat going on


Anonymous said...

Lenny is an awesome name for that little boy. I'm glad to hear that you have figured out what you are going to do. You'll be great at whatever path you go down. 6 more months till you come back!


KurtMartiNick said...

I have a scar on my knee when we uprooted that bush in Apple Valley last March. Tell me straight Doc- what is it? Think I need a Medivac Blackhawk to take me to Vegas with 50 CALS in the doors.

Anonymous said...

yayyy finally!! :)
i bet you cant wait for your zapatos.
tu amo perra.
<3 your couch buddy.

Mary Lou said...

OMG!! So good to hear from you finally!! Was wondering what's going on over there. Yep, it's hot there - I have your temp on my Google homepage. Maybe it'll make you feel a little better to know that it's hot here, too!

Sorry to hear about the leave possibly being delayed. But, better late than never, remember!

Sounds like you made a decision about what to do after Iraq. What's your hurry? If there's no deadline, you can have as much thinking time as you want. Did you mean an Army medic in a Blackhawk? Did you mean 4 weeks of school then you'd be assigned? Well, that would be a good career choice, doing something you love is the most important.
Have a good weekend, keep your head up and keep smilin' at your little groupies!!
Aunt Roo

Indie Bry said...

Glad to hear you are doing okay. I get concerned when the space between posts gets too long.

You look comfortable in the Bradley. Looks like they've gone to the super sub-compact to get better gas mileage. Thanks for the pictures and stories.

Take care,