Tuesday, June 3, 2008

pics and more!

well heres some pics of the trash stash... and our good friend the barret .50 cal sniper rifle...at 1500 yards it will punch a softball size hole in you... good stuff... and the other image is the view through our acog scope. Things are slow here and days are passing by quickly. have fun everyone and ill talk to ya soon


Miss Mestas said...

Ya neighbor...thats pretty bad, but considering where your at, i'll let it slide. Don't let me catch you with that out here! :) be safe...

Anonymous said...

<3 kathryn
love you

www.christiehemm.com said...

I'm into that stash... let your inner creep out, you know you wanna. =]

Nicole said...

ummm no on the stash haha.. youre so cute :) miss you

Anonymous said...

my dad was in the room when i was on your blog and he was looking at your pictures and he was like hey thats the gun i use on my game i play.(50 cal) hahahahha hes dumb hes all were twins.