Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the kids in sadr city

I swear there has got to be more kids than in this city then ive ever seen before in my on patrol we made the best of out time by playing around and chasing the kids. it was a blast. thought id share some pics. daily life around here is not so bad besides the heat. 122 degrees in full gear is begining to suck...just waiting till 135degrees. We BBQ'd tonight. it was awesome. we had a first platoon cookout.


Anonymous said...

little kid in the orange shirt...
freakkkkkkin cute.
steal him for me hahah jk.
the pictures are very cool.
good to see you happy and smilin!
love you sir.

Indie Bry said...

Look at all those kids! You can become Uncle Eric to the regulars. I hope good days like today become the norm for you.

I was going to comment on yesterday's post to tell you to shave the stash, it's scaring the children. Apparently, that's not the case. Brave kids!!!

Take care,


Mary Lou said...

Hi, hon...great to see your face!! And, yes, I can actually see that you're growing some fuzz on your upper lip!! I'm so proud of you!! :-)

The kids are really cute and look happy to be around you guys.That little one in the orange shirt is adorable!! Boy or girl?? With all that hair, it's hard to tell.

What exactly did you BBQ that night? Does the Army give you steaks and stuff??? You'd better start chowin' down so you don't get any skinnier!! But, seriously, you look great.

And all those little kids look pretty happy - not scared that you're chasing them???? :-)

Take care of yourself, keep your head up, and know that all of us in San Diego think about you each and every day!!!

Love you,
Aunt Roo

Anonymous said...

p.s. you look like a man in his late 30's....stop that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the little one in the helmet is so so cute. I want doggy pictures!!!!

Nicole said...

ive never seen you so happy around kids b4.. normally youre scared hahah... love u

Anonymous said...

These are great photos....and you look so happy! I'm sure the kids adore you :o) Grandma thinks the children look well fed....did you give them some of the candy we sent?
I'm so glad you had a bbq...something a bit normal, for the not so normal circumstances! Know I love you and miss you!

Kisses, my boy!!

KurtMartiNick said...

OIL@138.54 a barrel! TRY HARDER. When's the May 11th truce over? Who do you like in the finals? The Shiites or the underdog Sunnis. How about them Kurds.