Thursday, July 10, 2008

passing time around these parts

4th of july was pretty borring. nothing exciting happened except for our interprater slaughtered and cooked lamb for us all and i helped... 3 hours in 115 degrees cooking over a grill is not fun at all. this terp is the same one that we cut the infection out of when we were still at camp taji.

We recently just went out to forward operating base Shield for our range day to zero our weapons and make sure they are still accurate. Bouncing around in Bradleys and constantly bumping and banging can sometimes throw out sight systems off a little bit. Its funny but this platoon will just about make anything fun. you have to find the bright side of things when theres nothing to be excited about. thank god for awesome sences of humor! this is Breazeal or blue as every one calls him. and i swear to you i dont have any pictures of him not flipping off the camera. And Mancini is a riot always making us laugh. right up untill the point where he got knocked out. im just kidding about that actually
Things are good out here lately. now that its not enough that we have to worry about the madahi army which in approx 60,000 strong now we have gangs to worry about... the leader is some 20 year old punk bitch that likes to terrorize people and really makes alot of civilians fearful for their life. so that really our mission right now. once the wall in Sadr City went up the Milisha became scarce but now we have this punk kid to deal with. Makes you wonder how much of an impact your making out here. ?


Anonymous said...

well well well...hello mancini! :) haah

great talking to you today eric!
we usually never get to talk for that long so it was nice. good conversation. aahahah. keep working your butt off and get those coins. and enjoy your days off. im sure you need them it sounds like it.
love you bunches. hhaha wow that sounds so lame.
but its true.
<3 kathryn

Unknown said...

Hi, hon!!!
Sounds like you have a great group with you over there! A sense of humor is what keeps us sane! Stay funny!!

DO NOT question why you're over there. There will always be some punk bitch trying to make life miserable for others. It's how we choose to deal with them that's important. Kick his ass!!!!!!

Tell the "middle finger" guy to be careful. He wants to bring that finger home, right???

Love you lots and lots...miss you lots and lots!!
Aunt Roo