Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hey all

life here got a littl ebit more interesting over the past few days. last week an IED went off right outside our building injuring 4 soldiers. They went part of our company, military police from another base. Our platoon was on a patrol right in the area of the blast. They ran towards the blast site and assisted with security and first aid to the wounded soldiers, one of which had massive blast injuries to the right foot and another with shrapnel injuries to the nose and face. The men were evacuated to our treatment facility about 2 miles away and were flighted out to recieve surgery in the green zone in baghdad. My platoon did an amazing job. I wasnt there due to other missions, but they all stepped up and acted very swiftly and did exactly what they were trained to do.

The other night at about 430 am we were all woken up by explosions...and they were close. no one knew what was going on. we thought we were being attacked by rockets, which is common as well as very destructive to the other bases in our area. we threw our gear on and maned the different guard posts for our base, increasing security. I prepared for causalitys comming in but there were none. turnes out the enemy had fired several morters at our building but their aim sucks so they fire one wait for to hit then make adjustments. well either satalites or someone in the area knew where they were firing from and called in apaches and an AC130 gun ship. the AC 130 is a cargo plane loaded with advanced weaponary and imaging equipment. 2 30mm gatling guns, 40 mm cannon and a 105mm howitzer cannon. its been described as "the closet thing man has created to the fist of god" we heard explosions all around us we had no idea what was happening. it delievered somewhere between 50-75 105mm shells to the ground destroying alot on a neighborhood across the street. The airforce saved our asses.

daily life is normal lots of patrols with a hightened sence of awareness...we know their out there now. theyve just been waiting. on another note my computer died so i havent been able to post any pics but heres one off my buddies site and a picture of the AC130. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey boy!
ahhhh you deal with scary stuff. you go boy! hahaha wow...anyways. michelles mom says to send you her love and she thinks mancini is cute too hahahahaha she said she approves. so funny. i showed her some of your pictures and said youre skinny! but i told you had actually gained some weight...
well i cant wait to get back and show you all my cool pictures!

KurtMartiNick said...

You see. Grandpa's wings are protecting you courtesy of the Air Forces AC-130s. In the olden days they were DC-3s that had the same firepower in that other civil war we were in. I think it was called Vietnam or something. Hey! Thank everyone over there that the price of oil is going down. GOOD JOB SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!