Saturday, July 12, 2008

some time off in the green zone

yesterday we were able to go to the green zone, a secure part of bagdad and the heart of iraq. we were able to get a decent haircut, eat good food and yes we even went swimming. 2 years ago if you would have told me i would be swimming in a war zone much less be in a war zone i would have laughed at you. evrything in this palace was amazing...huge 60 foot vualted ceilings with amazing designs, gold and marble everywhere. one of the pics is us in one of his rooms. gold couches and a copper like mirror room. i felt like i was at a disco haha.

I saw a poster on a wall about an art exhibt in new york where local iraqi artist's painted their version of the "shock and awe" in the kick off of the war in iraq. it would have been kinda cool to see that. i thought about christie, she would have liked to see that, but shes too busy saving the world in burma haha.


Anonymous said...

youre like swimming in those shorts...not like in the water..cuz you just happened to be swimming too...but they are huge...or youre tiny..haha looks like fun! that does look like a very ridiculous room though hahah very gotti. im glad you got to have a nice day off

Anonymous said...

oh p.s thats funny...youre friend in the chair is flipping off the camera again...hahah

abgehaunbitte said...

thats effing rad eric
those pictures are truly amazing.
I hope alls well witchu, stay safe
Nate's lil sister
aka brittany :P

Bryan said...

nice that you could chill out at the palace. But, gold couches? It just proves that money can't buy taste. I bet that water felt great when you went swimming.

Hey, doc. You need to check out your friends hand. From what I can see in the photos his middle finger is unable to bend. Could be a problem in combat.

Take care,


Unknown said...

Hahaha...Bryan's right...seems as though Blue might need some surgery for that finger!! Where is he from?? Some place where they only use sign language???
And Bryan's right about gold couches...geez, can't make a gold purse out of a sow's ear...old, old, old saying about bad taste!!!
But how amazing to actually be where the Iraqi money was...those bastards! Glad you could make some use of the premises!!!
So what about your leave to come home in Dec?? You haven't written anything about what's up?
What are you needing over there? Get a list and post it so we can do something about it!!!
Love you lots!! XXXXOOOOOO
Aunt Roo

KurtMartiNick said...