Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coming home

This deployment is coming to an end, in a few days we will be on a plane back to the United States to rejoin our family and friends and to try to readjust to a certain semblance of what we think life should be. The truth is everything has changed, we collectively have changed. We have changed as people, as an army, as citizens of the United States.  We face uncertainty in nearly every aspect of our lives.  Our families have been without us for a year and we have only two weeks to try to enjoy the extremely limited time we have with them before its back to the daily grind. Two weeks to try to reconnect, although this process can take weeks, months or even years. There is no promise that any of us will return unchanged.  But we collectively have been granted access to something few ever see, or choose to see for that matter. We have bared witness to the atrocities of war. We have thrust ourselves into the midst of chaos in order to do something so important, so visceral, that few will ever understand what it means. We collectively have risked it all and put everything on the line to save our fellow man, regardless of nationality, race, religion or sex.  I for one will reflect on these experiences for decades to come.  And I know my comrades will as well.  I cannot begin to describe the things we’ve seen, felt, or heard. We have lost brothers and colleagues. We have felt the sting of losing someone we tried our hardest to save.  We have cleaned up the blood and reset our equipment in order to go back out and do it again. These people I work with are some of the most dedicated men and women I have ever met. They come from all walks of life and although different in so many aspects, all come together collectively to accomplish this mission. I’m proud to say that I work with some of the most professional people there are. But now we are going home. Were out of this god forsaken country, but we take with us the weight of a thousand missions. To try to dissect them as best we know how.  
                Now I am preparing to jump on a plane and return to a world that I don’t really understand anymore. When I was younger I used to think I had it figured out. The older I get and the more aware I become the more lost I feel. There is a widening gap between service member and civilian, our economy is still struggling, jobs are scarce and I can only sit back and watch as our home slips into a more prevalent ideology of entitlement.  Where we are inundated with political pressures, told how to think and feel, who to vote for because of a political party, and try to voice our intolerance by “liking” a status on Facebook. It’s sickening to me now.  Our youth are hamstringed by a failing education system, the poor are being cast out and pushed aside.  Veterans of these wars are living at an all-time high of homelessness and joblessness. You can’t throw a rock in this country without hitting dozens of heavily medicated veterans. But the general public cares less and less about them and us. For the general public, unless you have something personally invested in these wars they just want to get along with their day.  Without having to be reminded of what these men and women endure on a daily basis. Its unfathomable to them. Thus the widening gap grows. In times of random occurrence we hear “thank you for your service” in an airport, a restaurant, in passing at the realization that you served, although I’m sure most appreciate it. I know when I hear it, it almost sounds forced. Like it’s some sort of requirement to say. It’s become trite and clich√© and it just feels fake. I’m sorry if this just hit a little too close to home for some of you reading this but I’m just tired of trying to appease everyone I come across. The truth is that the general American public couldn’t give a shit about us. They want their Starbucks and celebrity gossip and their “16 and pregnant” We are breeding a generation of young people who have no idea what this country is founded on or what its citizens had to go through in order to make this country great and more about what time jersey shore is on. We are losing…we are struggling. Not in some great sense of the word as though every generation has its great struggle.  We are just losing. Losing ground on what we thought was right, what we thought life was supposed to be, and we are becoming very pissed off.  It seems that the more time passes by and the longer im away from the US the angrier I become.  We cannot live in a world where we hold onto the ideals that bitching solves anything, where we believe that things will be taken care of for us. If you want something done, go out and get it done…period.
So in closing, while reading this you might think I’ve become some angry disillusioned man, someone who sees things so much different than the average citizen, well maybe your right. But I can only hope that things someday will change. As for our accomplishments here in Afghanistan, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I will forever hold these experiences close.


Anonymous said...

Well written, son....Can't wait till you're on American soil once again. Right or wrong, it is your home, and always will be. I love you...and safe journey!

Wendi Williams Photography said...

Great as always hun. Im sure your more then excited to be home soon. Please be safe in your last few days. Love you.

Mary said...

What a powerful message that will live on as part of his legacy. I'm so sorry for the loss Eric's friends & family are experiencing. Praying for strength for you all.

Unknown said...

Great post. Good luck and safe travels. And my Thank You for your service , is truly and sincere. I'm a mom of a soldier and a wife of a retire one . God blessed all of you

Michelle Yates said...

Reading this is what made me lose it and turn into an absolute wreck. You are one of the greatest people to ever grace my life and I am so deeply saddened. RIP my friend <3

Water-otter said...

Very powerful, well written and full of honesty. May you have a restful reunion. lots of hugs, love and continuing prayers.

Unknown said...

Full of power and wisdom beyond your years Eric. You are missed... Words can't describe. Wendi,, so sorry for your loss. Erics Mama, you raised an amazing young man.

Unknown said...

I am so sad for you and your family Mrs. Williams. This piece of knowledge your son wrote truly touched me and will make me more aware of teaching my children the foundation this country was built on and the hero's that continue to protect us. Your son, even though I've never met him or your family, has changed my life. His name and life will live on. Peace, prayers and love to your family.

With love,
Ericka Julian

Unknown said...

I'm thinking of you and sending all my love and prayers. I didn't know your husband or your family but I read these blogs your husband wrote and it changed me. Your husbands love of our country, patriotism and realism will live on forever.

All my love,
Ericka Julian

rob hager said...

Wow, This is so powerful and quite frankly 100% true. I am just sorry that I am reading this after the fact that you are no longer with us. Eric, you did not give your life in vain and there are still those of us who know your sacrifice. We as the general public need to wake up before it is too late to save this great country of ours. Our troops need our support and they need to know we believe in them and will stand behind them. America needs to re-examine itself and put it's priorities where they need to be. I for one will not let your memory be forgotten or the values you and I hold dear fade away.

rob hager said...

This is not unknown....I just forgot to put my name.

Manny3 said...

God has come to medevac you and bring peace to you and to give you the THANKS that you and many others brothers in arms do really deserve. May God give strength to your love ones.

Mike Lorenzana said...

Ma'am, I have had the honor of serving with your son. He was an outstanding Soldier and leader of Soldiers. As a NCO he was charged with mentoring and training younger medics and he did a damn fine job. My family will keep your family in their hearts and prayers. God bless!
Gone but not forgotten.

AWN said...

You are ny hero. I love you, Brother.

Leslie hager said...

I will try to change my actions and do more support not just say it, because of you!!! I hope to see you again one day, you were an amazing friend to my bro and I thank you and your family for that. You and your family will forever be in my prayers.

Bruce Uhler said...


God Bless Sgt. Williams and his family and friends. Thank you for your sacrifice. We will not forget.........

A U.S. Army sergeant from Murrieta was killed in Afghanistan, the U.S. Department of Defense reported today.

Sgt. Eric E. Williams, 27, of Murrieta, Calif. died Monday, July 23, in Pul-E-Alam, Afghanistan, Logar Province, just south of Kabul, a news release stated.

Williams, a paratrooper and special forces operative was deployed with the 3rd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division based out of Fort Bragg, N.C.

A flight medic for the Army, Williams kept up a blog that he started in 2008. According to his last blog post dated July 17, he was to be heading home soon.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear that such a great friend has been taken from us way before his time. I have known Eric for a long time cause we went to school together. Whenever someone needed help with whatever they needed Eric was glad to help. Eric will be missed forever but u will always be remembered. Rest in Peace Eric a true Friend and a Hero.

From april ledee

Brandy said...

Thank you for your service to this country and to your fellow soldiers. RIP Sgt. Williams. You are gone but never forgotten.

Paige Hutchinson said...

This makes me so proud to have known him, a true hero. I'm so sorry to Janet and Wendi, may your hearts find peace. <3

kdblogs said...

Hello, im a complete stranger that stumbled across this on facebook and im writing this in tears, but know that hes never gone and one day through some higher power beyond our control you will hold him again. Words cant even begin to scratch the surface of what your going through, but know that your son has changed the way i see american servicemen & women on a whole new level with a whole new profound appreciation.

Please take this to heart, and know that your son changed my life without ever shaking my hand or knowing anything of me. Peace be with you and your family, with a heavy heart, goodbye.

-Kyle Davis

Stacey Jean said...

So much love to Eric's friends and family. Those of us who knew him will never forget what an amazing human being he was. <3

FlawlessFashionistaStyles said...

R.I.P. Sgt Eric Williams I will like to thank you for putting your life on the line for us and fighting for our freedom. I have lots of friends that are servicing now in different branches. My father and uncle that are veterans served our coutry. Some don't show love, give them strength and faith from their love ones back at home. I dated one before so i know the feeling you went through so it made you who are now. Your blog is very touching and inspiring. I will be sharing your blog to touch those cold hearted people life. People can't just think about themselves all the time. I salute and respect each and one of you for servicing our country. I don't know you, but my friend served with you. He's very sad! My condolences and prayers are with your family! Fallen Hero smiling from Heaven and leading the right pathway with this amazing blog!

docb said...

SGT Williams, thank you for your sacrifice and service. The things that you said in your post are what is in the hearts of many of us who have been there. I've served with many fine young medics in both Iraq and Afghanistan, have lost a few, but will always remember the faces of those who gave their all. For your family, SGT Williams, I wish them the knowledge that you served with honor and dignity, that your military family will miss you and that we are here to support them in their sorrow, as we would want our own families to be supported and honored. God bless you, son. May your sacrifice not be in vain.


Unknown said...

To Ms. Williams : I was honored to get to know your son while working with him at AMR dispatch. He was different than others of this generation which is why I always told him he reminded me of my boy's. Raised with respect and a full heart he was different and stood out. We would talk all the time and know it was obvious how much he loved and respected you when his face lit up speaking of you. Although it frightened me when he said he was signing up he did it for the right reasons. I just lost my oldest son October 14,2011 so if you need to talk, yell, cry or ask questions please call me 951-259-6947 at anytime. Eric was loved and will be missed, proud to be his friend Barbara Morris

Anonymous said...

To Ms. Williams, I have someone close to my heart in Afghanistan right now waiting to get on a plane in 6 days to come home. I found out about your son through him. I am so very sorry for your loss. I may not have known your son, but from what I have read and pictures I have seen of him, he was a wonderful person that I wish I HAD known. There are no words that can make it easier for you and your family but know that he WILL be remembered for all that he did and you can be very proud of your son! You WILL see him again but until then all those that knew him will never forget him and keep him close to their hearts. I sincerely mean it when I say "Thank you Sgt. Williams for your service and all that you sacrificed! Cindy Smith, Ohio

Annette said...


I cannot share how shattered I am at your loss and all of ours! I am lifting you and your family in prayer. You are not alone.

It was a joy to serve as your Adult Ed teacher. I miss you...you are such a light to those you know!

Much love and support,
Annette Gross

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service, my friend. You will be missed by many. Please find Ryan up there, I know he has missed you<3


Unknown said...

I liked checking in on Erics blog from time to time but hadn't done so in so long. Wish I hadn't lost touch with him. His posts were always so interesting.

It hurt to get the phone call today to hear of Eric's passing. I worked with him years ago at AMR. Such a great guy. Kind, caring, and had such a big heart. He was a great friend and helped me get thru a really trying time in my life. He always made work bearable. Such a jokester he was! Always could put a smile on my face. So genuine. I feel honored to have known and worked along side him.

To Erics Wife Wendi and Mother Janet, my deepest condolences to the both of you. I am terribly sorry for your loss.
Eric gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be forever remembered as a hero.

Anonymous said...

For all those that have been down range, to us, and to those like us, Dam Few. You sang your death song like a true hero going home! Gods speed Brother!
James Brown
Paramedic AMR/Hemet Div
USN/SWCC Veteran.

Unknown said...

SGT Eric Williams was a big asset to the Reynolds Army Community Hospital in Lawton OK. He was a Combat Medic in the Emergency Room. The thing that stands out the most about him was his smile. He had such a good attitude that no matter how down you were feeling , all the sudden you were happy too! SGT Williams cared very much about patient care and taking care of soldiers and his friends. I know Heaven is a better place now that Eric is with GOD.

My Condolences to his Family & wife Wendi,

CPT Kimberly Smith
FT.Gordon, GA

Chelsea said...

Devastated to hear of your passing. Your well written words and experiences will live on for everyone to know how truly amazing you are.

Perry Churchill said...

Eric was my EMT when I was a medic, and he was one of the very few that "got it", and I mean that by he understood the responsibility of what our passion was, helping people in their time of need. He embraced it, asked questions, learned and was so good that when we worked together, words were not needed, he just knew what to do. Janet, his mom, is an incredible woman and did a fantastic job raising such an incredible man that has touched so many lives, he was just Eric, and if you knew him you know what that means. Wise beyond his age, It was an honor to work and be friends with such greatness, he was and will always be my hero

chomskyist said...

RIP dude.... most of milbloggers i come across are right wing redneck arseholes ur post seems well balanced.

Unknown said...

Eric... Brother... the news of your death hit me harder than I could ever imagine... it was an honor to work with you at Fort Sill, you were the best EMT partner any Paramedic could have asked for and I'm sure that Perry is thinking the same thing here... I know you were living your dream and doing what you loved to do... serving your fellow man and taking care of your soldiers.. but that doesn't ease the void your death has left in the hearts of those you left behind... I will never allow your memory to be lost upon your fellow soldier medics... I will always hold them to the standard which you set working with me at RACH EMS. Wendi - you have to know how much Eric loved you, I watched his trepidation as he prepared to take leave to propose to you - the true and only love of his life. I heard many of his conversations with you late at night as we sat outside of the ER, I've never seen such love and dedication as Eric had for you. When he left us here at Fort Sill, I knew the two of you were off on a great adventure... a journey cut short unfairly. To Eric's parents - thank you for giving us such a wonderful guy... I know it doesn't help much now but what you did in raising Eric made him the man he was and the outstanding soldier that many can only dream of becoming. Eric- I miss you here, my heart hurts in your death, and the world will never be the same without you walking among us... RIP Brother Medic

Drake1 said...

I would like to give my condolences to Eric's family.

I did not know him personally, but his words rang true for this civilian.

Unknown said...

My sincere condolences, Rest in Peace, SGT Williams.

Unknown said...

RIP Sgt. Williams from an old Navy Doc. My sincere sypathy and prayers go out to your family, comrades, and friends for you loss. I hope everyone forwards your wonderful message so that many Americans can read your post and understand the plight of veterans.

Hm3 Gregg said...

As an up and coming flight medic in the the navy reading that post really hit home what it means to be a true flight medic. The dedication, sacrifices, and honesty written by SGT Williams gives me hope that there are still people out there determined to make this country better. Knowing the battle is up hill and the inevitable challenges, and yet still we charge that hill with no fear, no restraint, but only love of family, country and determination. That's what it takes to be an service member, an american, a patriot. I thank you SGT Williams not for your service, but for your memory, your inspiration to myself, and to your stead fast dedication to what you believed in. May you rest in peace.

Unknown said...

I am another stranger that has stumbled upon this amazing letter. It really touched me as well. My fiancé just returned safely from the marine corp and he is constantly telling me what our troops are fighting for and how sad it is that our country doesn't understand. I'm sure he would have gotten along well with your son. I agree wholeheartedly with how he feels and I believe he expressed himself in the best way possible. I was one of those civilians who didn't understand, very ignorant about our troops and didn't even realize how many lives were lost for my freedom. I am so grateful and so blessed, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your service Sgt Williams.

Nate said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know any of you personally but I cried this morning for the first time in a long time. I'm praying for you all.

My condolences,


Angela said...

'Thank you' never actually rings hollow, it's just we don't know what to say in response. 'Your welcome' seems a hollow response from us since sercing seemed so natural.
When you thank someone for anything, it should be done out of true respect & honor, and not ritual. I think that's what he meant. Simply to be sincere when you say it. We don't need to hear it other wise.
I'm sure his family will respect your sincere 'Thank you' in their time of loss!
Miss Janet, Our schools need history teachers like your son. Teacher's who actually make our children think about the reasons why things are the way they are, and not just memorize the names & dates. That's where our country as fault. We're too busy competing with other country's to be the best in Math & Science, we've gotten away from teaching what made our country the way it is today. Even though you son was not a teacher, I pray my children have a teacher as wise as him. One who has a passion to make us understand the whys & the hows of things got the way they are. He potential was great, and our country., as well as your family, has suffered a great loss.
Cpl Lowrey ~ USMC ~ Semper Fi

Unknown said...

I am as many here , I do not know your son or his loving family . But I sit here now after reading this with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.I feel as if I have lost a friend , but I never knew him , but after reading the words he wrote with such love and emotion I feel as if I have known him my whole life . You have raised a wonderful loving person , who has paid the higest price possible to keep the ones he loves safe . And in his own words (he would do it again) the words of a TRUE HERO, You and your family and all who knew him or even those like me who came across it on facebook,have my prayers , and I hope that in time you will find compfort in knowing that your son will live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched with his words. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE , AND GOD HOLD YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN HIS HANDS TILL THEY ARE READY TO STAND ON THEIR OWN AGAIN

Lora said...

Powerful words that I hope many will take the time to read and reflect upon. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Williams family.

Dr. T. said...

I am a family therapist at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. My daughter is an Army wife. She read of you, of your family, read your blog, and posted on hers. You are known, you are honored, you are remembered, your family will always hold you in love as you hold them. Thank you. May God comfort your loved one and hold you in His love.

Unknown said...

i am based in the UK and have a great friend in the USA whose husband is currently on his 3rd deployment. I had to comment to say how truly gutted I feel for all of you! i send my love and prayers for you...oh my goodness to do more but without a clock with which i can turn back time for you i am lost. deeply deeply sorry for your loss, what a truly amazing young man. xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Eric Williams: a great soldier, a paramedic, a dispatcher, a leader, a speaker of truth, and a son... I would like to give my deepest gratitude to Eric Williams and the rest of the soldiers that have defended our nation. I am thankful for your service and your thoughts have deeply impacted my life. My wife and I have three children that we are trying to raise right in this world. I wish Eric was here so I could know him more and shake his hand. I knew Eric from work at AMR, as a dispatcher to another dispatcher in transferring a 911 call and other times asking for help. In my 18 years of working at AMR, the short moments in speaking to Eric, I knew he was different. He was sincere and had kindness in getting his job done, and with my experience in those short moments I knew he was a good guy.
To Mom you did right by bringing him to this world, thank you. I pray that his absence is only lightened by the great son and man you raise him to be. He surely knew and valued what is important.
God bless our nations future, our families, Eric's family and loved ones. May he rest in peace...

Carla Dobs said...

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord...

my prayers for the family.

From a former Navy wife,
Carla Dobrovits

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Brother

To Eric's family; I am so sorry for your loss.

Cpl. Beddoe USMC 1981-1985.

Marc said...

Rest in peace, Sgt. Williams.

Unknown said...

Thank you seem so inadequate given everything you went through to protect and serve this country, especially given the loss of your life.
To your family, friends, and everyone who knew and loved you, I am sorry that this is your current reality, I am sorry your loved one went through something that many of us would not volunteer to do, and that so many people don't appreciate. It takes a truly strong, courageous, giving, exemplary person to serve in the armed forces. Prayers that you find peace and comfort and his sacrifice is never forgotten.

C Dawson said...

So sorry to hear about you loss it's a great tragedy. May he rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Mrs Williams, my name is Jeanne Oestereich. As a proud Army Wife I know that you are going through the mill. I know My husband William Oestereich was set to deploy on July 15, 2012 and 4 days before his unit deployed, he had a massive stroke and died. His brothers and sisters in arms will know that he is there watching out for them so that they may all come back safe. We have been through a major roller coaster but we are now done with the formalities. I am here to hold your hand if you like. Look me up on facebook and message me. Maybe together we can help each other heal.

God Bless you and your family and may you find peace.
Jeanne Oestereich
Very Proud Army Wife.

Nicole Holmes said...

This Army wife will share your story! Thank You Thank You Thank You for your service and ultimate sacrifice. You will not be forgotten!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Mrs Williams, you raised an wonderful son, patriot and soldier. His eloquent words will live on and will be shared with many. We will never forget Eric, his service and ultimate sacrifice. Sending prayers of strength and peace to you and your family. God bless.

Britesmile said...

Sgt Williams thank you for your service and honor. You are a hero and thank you for protecting our country. My heart goes out your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. He will not be forgotten and we will honor him.

Judith said...

What a wonderful, living testimony of this man's character and that of his parents. My heartfelt sympathies.

"The righteous man perishes, and no man takes it to heart; And devout men are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from evil." Isaiah 57:1

justmejustmomjustmemorable said...

No words can express the deep sorrow I feel for the loss of someone I've never met. I will say that we lost an individual of substantial leadership and wisdom. May his family be blessed and may his memory impact all those who were fortunate enough to know him personally. I agree 100% with his post! God bless this sweet country and may we train up our children that they might be God-fearing, Constitution loving citizens. Thank you for your service & ultimate sacrifice Eric and thank you to your family for their sacrifice. God bless our soldiers.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. So very sorry. Thank you for each and every sacrifice.

Two soldiers' mother

Unknown said...

I just happened upon this blog and I read Eric's "Coming Home" post and all of the comments. I never knew Eric, yet I feel like I have been punched in the gut and can't seem to stop the tears! I can only imagine the loss felt by those who were blessed to know Eric in life. Such a great loss! It seems to me that so often it is the great young men that are taken too soon. I am grateful for all who serve and appreciate the sacrifices that military service members and their loved ones make on a daily basis. Your son, your husband, made the ultimate sacrifice. I will not forget the fallen. I pray that God lifts you up and that you are comforted in this most difficult time. Eric, Thank you for your service and for the way that you lived your life. It is clear that you were admired and loved. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

Andy said...

Just went to your memorial Eric. Your best friend spoke as well as your commanders. I went because of what I read here. I'm so sorry that you had to go so close to being home. That's the real bitch of it. But you did it proudly and honorably, no one can question that. RIP.

glgrooms said...

Prayers of comfort to this man's family. Indeed, we must never forget.

Unknown said...

Just as many of those posting here, I did not know Eric Williams. My only hope is that more of the soldiers serving in Afghanistan feel this way. I believe that if they do, when they come home, maybe, just maybe, we CAN change this country into something to be proud of again. Maybe children will once again learn to appreciate what they have and how they came to have the ability to get things like that.... Maybe, just maybe, there would be a rhyme or reason to this war, after all. It's very sad to know that "we", the American people, lost someone so beautiful, eloquent, brave and honest. Those are the kind of men who created this country in the first place and the kind we need to put America back on the right track.

deedlebug said...

Many prayers offered up for your family. Thank you for the service and sacrifice you gave for our country.

USNchic said...

Rest in peace, Sgt. Williams. Deepest condolences to your family. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Melissa said...

Thank you for your story and your sacrifice. Rest in peace.

mhgdairy said...

Godspeed warrior. To your family and friends who remain my heart pours out to you. I can only imagine the grief you feel. I know as a parent that is the last thing you ever want to have happen to your child. I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. All I can offer you is my heart and my prayers. I pray for you now. May God bless you with the comfort that only he can give.

Jerry said...

RIP, you and your family are in my prayers.

Jane said...

Please accept my condolences, prayers and heart felt sympathies on your tremendous loss and know that the world is a better place for his life and his impact will continue for generations to come.

WILD133104 said...

To the Williams family, my deepest condolences. Such a powerful message with thought provoking words. Your son was an exemplary soldier and loved by all...reading his blog, the respect he garnered from those who read him is awe inspiring and one any Wife and Mother would be so proud to see. You are all in my prayers and my heart. God Bless all of you in your time of need and I sincerely hope his love of his country and his fellow man will not have been in vain. He will be truly missed. God Bless ♥

Jim Keen said...

My condolences to Eric's entire family and friends. When the hurt subsides, you can take solace in the fact that how Eric lived his life, how he saw the world, how he cared so much for his brothers-in-arms will carry forward in so many of us who never knew him but are inspired by his powerful legacy. Losing a loved one is always so tragic. He obviously touched so many others in his life ensuring that his ideals and beliefs will survive for generations to come. God bless Sgt. Williams and his family!

orionsal said...

I heard about this through a friend. We were classmates. I remember presenting projects together and you helping me with quotes and pictures for my year book pages. It is disheartening to hear of your passing; nevertheless, I am glad to have been able to have known and befriended you. You are a friend that would always drop everything to help, a friend with insight and truly cared how you were doing, a friend whose words and thoughts that were expressed with passion and conviction and a friend that was truly selfless. I know that your family, friends, and everyone you have known will hold ever memory of you close to their hearts. I know that your valor, pride and commitment was not in vain because people care, citizens care, I care. I know you think it is cliche however from me to you, I profoundly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tireless effort and service to protect our great country. Eric, my friend, you will be greatly missed. You are a hero, a husband, a son, and a true friend.
With great respect,
-Ryan class '02 Murrieta, CA

Perry Churchill said...

If anyone would like to go to Eric's service, it is going to be this Saturday, August 4th and Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar, Ca (riverside) at 10 am. All are welcome in honoring this great man

CheyDeVore said...

I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one! As I read a very good friend of mine's blog this morning, Eric's recent blog post was mentioned and she mentioned what happened to him, and I wanted to come let you know that your family will be in my prayers as you cope with such a difficult situation, knowing that your husband was in his final routes to being home! My heart just aches for you and all of your family! Words can never express enough but please know that you will be in my thoughts!

dawn kempton said...

My heart and prayers go out to your friends and family. Your words have touched my very core. Please know that they have not fallen completely upon deaf ears. Many who have read your entry have had it make a real impact in their lives. For those who were honored enough to know you in real life were blessed.


sherryhouse said...

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Brook Ellis said...

Although I did not personally know you, your words and sacrifices you made in your life have influenced me to change mine. Your memorial service was beautiful and heartfelt. You were obviously loved and looked up to by so many.

Unknown said...

i love you eric. im honored to have been your friend and i will never forget you.

Water-otter said...

After writing this I learned the sad news. Love and prayers to all the Williams family!

The Sanity Inspector said...

Surfed in after seeing this linked at Mudville Gazette. RIP to the hero. If we fail in Afghanistan, it won't be because we didn't send our best.

The Sanity Inspector said...

I recommend closing the comments after a few weeks, to keep spammers out, btw.

The Crislers said...

To the family of this brave man: I'm sorry for your loss. Praying for your family.

Unknown said...

RIP from a fellow medic. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Unknown said...

I know it is not much, but I ran for you this morning in the annual Run for the Fallen. May you rest in peace and thank you.

somecallmerich said...

I had the honor to serve with SGT Williams from APR-JUL2012 at the Forward Surgical Team at FOB Warrior. As far as flight medics go, he was a superstar simply put, and went out of his way to ensure my line and aid station medics had training and competance with flight equipment. We were devestated and the mood was somber when we heard of his death on the way home from a hard 12 month deployment. His energy, smile, and professionalism I will forever try to emulate.


Unknown said...

For my brother and hero,
For some reason this past summer I have been thinking of you and the guys vividly, even having dreams. It made me miss our experiences together ...the laughs, crying, awful NCO's, and crappy MRE's haha. Overall it was a feeling to get back in touch with you all. With the help of my wife and the internet we set out, slowly getting back in touch. A friend here, and friend there. It was a process, but you all are worth it. It didn't take long to find out you had passed away days earlier, It felt like I had just missed you, you were just around the corner and I couldn't catch up. I was devastated, cried, but I still felt the same, you were still my hero.
After reading some of the comments on here it doesn't surprise how slmost everyone describes you ...to the people who have never met Eric, you hit it dead on ..he was and is an amazing person, eager to help, and always willing to listen. I smile with tears in my eyes whenever I hear someone paint you as someone with a heart of a lion. So true.
To Eric's mother and wife, I cannot even imagine what you are going through, for someone who never cries, I sure cried a river. Eric will continue to bless this world. In the end I want to thank you all for sharing him with us, he was amazing. His friendship meant the world to me and it was an honor to serve with him. I will continue to share my memories of him with my children.
To Eric, thank you. You have blessed and given me some of the best years of my life. Even before I learned of your passing I shared stories with my wife and friends how much you meant to me every chance I had. I am sorry I fell away, I never stopped loving you all. Thank you for giving us everything you could ever give, and lastly thank you for the memories, may they never fade away.

Your friend, brother, and fellow soldier-medic,


I salute you

Unknown said...

Rest in peace ebomb. You were always an example of kindness and heroism. Your duty to your country will never be forgotten. You will always be missed.

Pearl said...

I'm glad Eric's family has left his blog up so we can periodically drop by and read it. Eric's service to his country, and to mankind, will always be remembered.

Stand Fast said...

I am a stranger, I heard about Eric by stumbling across wendi's instagram via hold steady clothing. I really enjoyed reading these words and will pass it on to others who will appreciate it. everyone has their own struggles, and everyones personal struggle is relative...but with love, support and an understanding of what is important in the world, we can overcome the biting pain, and see the beauty. Good luck in your life and in your pursuits Wendi, there is a whole word of people out there who you will never know, who pass on genuine positive wishes to you. I am really glad I found this. I had a close loved one die tragically last year, the last words spoken to me were "love yourself, and keep your happy face on" i was fighting for my own life at the time. See the beauty through your lens, and your heart.

Unknown said...

I was thinking of you today!!! All the wonderful memories, laughter, and joy your brought to my house every time you were there. It all seems like yesterday but was so long ago. Not one day goes by that the girls and I see something that reminds us of you. I guess it is our way of keeping you alive and close to us. You are missed my dear boy, so so missed!

Anonymous said...

Taking a moment today to remember an authentic American Hero who gave his life for his Nation. I was not in his unit. I never got to know SSG Williams, nor did I ever have a conversation with him; nevertheless, I will never forget him. I was with him immediately after he was wounded. Later, I spoke with several Soldiers who served with him, and they had nothing but the very highest praise, admiration and gratitude for him. I wish the deepest comfort, peace and healing for his family, comrades and friends. Rest in peace, Brother. You gave the ultimate sacrifice, and you will never, ever be forgotten!
SFC Sean B. FOB Shank, AFG 2012-2013

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Just come home sonny.

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Stacey Jean said...

Revisiting your words 8 years after you passed. Miss you, Eric.