Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greetings from Afghanistan!

Things have been going ok over here on my side of the world. Weve had busy days and days that yield absolutely nothing. Those days are the good days, it means no one is hurt out there. We spend our days bouncing back and forth between our site in Sharana and another in Orgun E. Orgun E is like a vacation for us, things are much closer, there are far fewer people there and we have a fire pit! We’ve been burning pallets almost every night, im not sure what the exact temperature is but its got to be in the 40’s. Its very relaxing out there, not a light for miles and ive never seen stars like I have out there. The Milky Way is completely visible with the naked eye. It really has a way of making you feel very small. Its hard to believe that we have been gone almost 4 months now, Time is already starting to fly by, which is a great thing.

Things here mission wise have presented everything from injuries that one would expect to see like IED explosion injuries to gun shot wounds. Then on the other hand you see all sort of random things that you just weren’t expecting to see. On my first rotation out in orgun E there was a local woman who was pregnant and seen at the local clinic. The afghan doctor at the clinic pronounced the baby as stillborn and sent the family to the FST (forward surgical team) at Orgun E. They preformed a C section and found a perfectly healthy baby boy.

Were gearing up for a long and cold winter (expecting 2 feet of snow) and if anyone knows me they know I hate the cold, So its just going to be constant and unending complaining coming from me for the next few months haha. But don’t worry ive got plenty of cold weather gear. Ill just be dressed up like the kid off of “A Christmas Story” I hope all of you are safe and well. Enjoy your Halloween and ill be posting something soon.