Friday, January 16, 2009

Its been awhile

Since ive written anything on here. Alot has happened lately, alot of changes have been made, and things are alot different then when we first got here. But hopefully its the start of us getting the hell out of here. Weve been working with the Iraqi Army everyday, we do patrols with them and live with them too. long days and nights. As we speak we only have 2 medics in the company, so myself and my senior line medic are split between 2 platoons each... long hours with not a whole lot of rest. but things could be worse. Its been about 30 degrees or so durring the nights so pulling guard is really getting to suck. hopefully this bitter bone chilling cold wont last forever.
The day after christmas I lost my good friend Ryan Armstrong. Im 8000 miles away from home and i felt someone punch me in the stomach when i found out. I spoke to him on christmas day, told him i missed him, and he said keep you head up, im proud of you. i have a hard time reading that email. I can remember so many days and nights spent together. It still hasnt fully hit me that hes gone. I dont thnk ive been the same since i found out. I have to wait another few months to say my goodbyes. but mayeb by then ill know what to say.
Unfortunatly we also lost another soldier in our company, a buddy of mine, SPC Gonzales...RIP, youll be missed
So as you can tell this year has really gotten off to a bad start, but im trying to turn it around. Trying to stay positive as much as i can. I miss home, but we wont be here too much longer...almost 11 months down, whats another few.
Take care everybody and ill post some pics hopefully tomorrow