Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas pics

i make it rain! gangstas rollin with the benjamins!

this is my christmas tree :)

SGT Bustos really loves christmas

christmas pics

merry christmas...

well its that time of the year again and its hard to believe that weve been gone for almost a year. im gone from home once again this year. Weve been really busy lately...lots of patrols for lots of time haha. we havent really had much time to think about the holidays which is probally a good thing. The guys in the platoon have high spirits especially when our packages come in. its kinda like christmas every 4 days. Things are still pretty much normal arounds here except for the temprature and the rain. it hasnt rained too much bt when it does everything floods. and in a city with no real sewage system everything runs into the streets and when it floods, well were walking through it. enjoy that visual!

Today as we were patroling, we pushed into a house and discovered a kid with what looked like Psoriasis. It was on every inch of his body, which is a severe case,the father said that he had lost 2 sons to the same symptoms. its heart breaking. With my suplys i couldnt do anything for him so instead we refered him to our bigger aid station in hopes that they can discover his ailment and hopefully recieve an effective treatment.

So ive been writing on this thing for nearly a year now. and i fear that all im doing is repeating the same borring things over and over. So id like to hear form you. what do you want to know about? this country, our lifestyles, the people. ill do my best to answer any questions you might have.

also heres some pics taken. notice the "BARF" laundry detergent. Ive decorated my tree but ill post those soon. Have a merry christmas and enjoy your holidays