Monday, March 12, 2012

Well greetings from Afghanistan!

The news has reported several indiscretions as of late. The Koran burning in the Bagram area to the most recent killings of innocent men women and children by a single soldier in the Kandahar area. Things are rapidly spinning out of control here. There’s so much unrest felt by both sides. We’ve been here so long, but the choice of whether to stay or leave most certainly is out of my control. Were here to support, to help, to try our hardest, amidst most obstacles, to make a difference. I’m pretty damn sure that we are accomplishing that. But when something like this happens it tarnishes our proud name. Its embarrassing. One man made the decision to take the lives of innocents…that’s not a soldier, nor a man in my eyes. But a coward unwilling to delve down into the depths and fight it out like soldiers, with honor. Not only that but he’s putting the lives of his comrades in danger. The single incident of the Koran burning translated to 7 Americans killed in retribution. This has to stop and stop now…
The more and more that I see on Facebook and other social media outlets the more im becoming disenchanted with the average American citizen. I know that sounds bad. I love my home don’t get me wrong but there are so many aggravating factors that have truly made me pull back from society. All it seems I see anymore are posts bashing the president, or something regarding religion and any of the other factors that, although people feel passionately about, seem to cram down our throats twenty four hours a day seven days a week. An opinion is great to have, don’t get me wrong, but voicing said opinion on Facebook is ridiculous. I’m sick and tired of hearing that our president is a Muslim Socialist or some cleverly subdued racist comment. People and politicians have stopped believing in what’s right for the majority and truly only believe in fighting for they’re respective side. Religion infused rhetoric clouds the airwaves. Presidential candidates slinging mud because the opposition believes in something different. I cant stand the religious undertones in every speech given at a podium. What about those of us AMERICANS that don’t believe what you believe? What happens to our voice? What happens when our “Christian Nation” (as it is so eloquently described in every candidates campaign speeches) has people from every walk of life, religion (or they’re lack of), race and sexual orientation? Are you representing the country as a mass or just the selected few? This idea of a “Christian Nation” is false, flat out. Our founding fathers did not create the constitution on any ideas of this. Hell just read it. Now as you read this please don’t misinterpret anything im saying as being “anti” any religion. I have my beliefs as well as every other human being on earth. Im simply saying why cant there be an idea that represents us all equally? Or if such an idea cannot exist than I simply ask this…shut the hell up. If you don’t agree with someone, don’t tell them they’re going to hell, or that they’re stupid or anything else derogatory. Simply shut the hell up. it’s a pretty simple concept. If my views do not represent yours, hey, that’s fine. That is one of the greatest ideals about this country…were free to think whatever we want. But when that hinders another’s point of view, when someone verbally attacks another for they’re beliefs, then I have a problem.
You don’t have to agree with me, but that’s the great part…. Rant complete.