Monday, May 12, 2008

a view of carnage

went to a different district today... farther into the city. we took contact a couple of times in the morning and again in the afternoon. I had to start an I.V. on my driver because of heat exaustion but hes all good. About 30 min later a morter landed so close it blew all the windows out of the building we were in. Needless to say that got my attention. luckly no one was hurt the entire day. Things went very smooth and the shooters in the towers went through about 700 rounds of ammo today. The interesting thing is this happened to be a location where iraqi police control, as we were running from point to point and had full body armor on, the Iraqi police were just standing out there in t-shirts and pants like they had been through it a thousand times. why would one live in a country where it becomes so common place to hear gunshots and explosions that you simply dont care anymore. I dont react that strongly to gunfire or explosions because i expect here to experience that but i dont live here. And i could never raise a family here. As for those who might read this and stress out becuase they dont want to hear it or their scared well its important that you know what were all going through out here. i think its important that you hear truth instead of just listening to the news. so long for now... ive got some pictures comming very soon of a destroyed looks like dresden


K8E said...

Thank you for this blog. You are right, we need to hear and understand more than what we get from the news. With your permission, I'd like to send the URL to your blog through an email chain to make more people aware of what you and your fellow soldiers are doing for us, and what it costs. Even though it's not enough, and never will be, let me say thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blogs to Grandma...she thinks you write very do I! Thanks for keeping us helps to know you're doing ok. I Love You....stay safe!!

Unknown said...

Eric, darlin'...I,too, would like to send your blog address to a couple of my friends who care and want to know how you are!! I can't even imagine what it's like over there, but your insights are profound and I want to know more!! I'm thankful that you are able to write so we can read!! Of course, your pics are great-I always love to see your face!! You're a star!! Love you much! Be very careful!!
Aunt Roo

Eric Williams said...

yes, by all means send my link out. thank you for your support