Thursday, May 1, 2008

decimating some time

things here have been pretty borring. were all just waiting on the word to go. clean weapon,work out, eat, reorginize medical supplies, eat again, watch movies, and clean weapon some more. pretty dull life right now. weve been in communications black out for a few days due to the dust storms... but all is well. heres a few pics from the last few days of me pretty much just goofing off


K8E said...

I'm glad you could create this blog for your family and friends. Thank you for everything you and your friends do.

Christie Hemm said...

seriously is that a wiener protector on your uniform?

doens't your blog look better? im good, i know!

e.h. said...
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e.h. said...

Hey Sir,

I am stoked you have a blogspot to keep us posted on your latest adventures in the sandbox!!! The pictures look really nice. Kick ass - stay safe - i'll be checking back often.

stay safe.
Remember this:
america = good
terrorist = bad

-Everet H.

Shadow said...

Glad to see your Blog,a special place,I wish you can enjoy your special experience,good luck,peace guy!