Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another adventure into Sadr City

We went on a 3 hour patrol today and knocked on some doors. meet alot of people in this horribly crowded city. The strange thing was every single person we passed had a smile of their face and waved and greeted us. As i walked past the run down neighborhoods i saw so many children smiling and waving. it really hits you hard. a couple other guys and myself handed out some candy to the little kids. As i walked past a small child and waved he got scared and hid behind his father. The father explained to me that it was the most contact the child had with an American thus far. Almost the entire city was very welcoming of us. Then we walked down another street and the children stopped following us and ran back...they wouldnt go down that street. People were no longer in the streets and it turned into a ghost town very quickly. The block was only a few hundred meters but all your sences turn on high. you remember your not in a country where everyone likes you...there are people that want to kill you. Its a very sobering feeling. smiles on the guys immeadiatly turned into gritted teeth. We all prepared for hell to unleash...but nothing happened. Those children told us alot just by not walking with us anymore. this country is filled with so much good but no one ever hears about it. This country is also filled with a hell of alot of bad too. you just gotta learn to roll with the punches...
On a much lighter note, Its my moms birthday today! Happy B-day mom! ive miss 2 birthdays of hers now. I feel horrinble about it but i dont have much choice in the matter. i hope you have a great day and know that im thinking of ya
Good bye for now all


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday present, my dear boy! To spend a short amount of time talking to you on-line this morning, was the greatest gift!! Indeed my boy, it is the little things! You are so far away, and I miss how you can make me laugh so easily! I miss your face...I miss you!!
I pray you stay we all do!!
I Love You...

kmnretz said...

MMMM.Snorting gunpowder. Those were good times. What grain and what's the purity? Available in the US? You know Christmas will be here before you know it! Remember your poor Uncle in Michigan. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!!! Obama will save us all. Oh yeah, gas is hitting 4 bucks a gallon.

Everet H. said...

semper fi....semper fi

oh wait -

i mean


Remember, when someone an Iraqi tells you he wants to commit jihad on you, he doesn't want to give you tea. ha. All seriousness, we are all proud of your service and I look forward to trying to catch you on AIM.
Take care

Mary Lou said...

Ok,it's Tues, 5/20 and haven't heard from you since last week. What's going on? Sure do miss reading your's a way to keep you close!!! Here's hoping you're staying safe and alert!! I think about you every single day and I keep talking to your guardian angels to hover around you!!!! Miss you very, very much!!! LUV U!! Aunt Roo