Friday, May 2, 2008

small update

I havent really been doing much lately, except making sure my guys are all good. i had to take my interpreter to the aid station because he had a pretty bad infection in his finger. so i got to watch and assist with the surgery of opening his finger and clearing out all the infection. it was pretty interesting. Then later in the night i got to remove a finger nail from one of my SGT's fingers. Injecting the finger to numb it and cutting the fingernail away from the nail bed. just glad it wasnt my finger. Things have been pretty relaxed here for the most part. just trying to keep busy and working out mostly. finally the internet is back up so i have my mode of commo back! we keep hearing outgoing mortars throughout the night but outgoing is a hell of alot better then incomming haha. i was able to talk to some of my friends earlier and they were all going to see Iron Man. bummed me out. im missing out on all sorts of cool stuff back home. just crossing my fingers for the new alkaline trio album to come out so it can be sent to me...its the little things haha. yesterday i was able to talk to our interpreter for alittle bit, it was facinating to find out the way he lived while under sadams regime. He said he wanted a better life for his family and he wanted to make a difference. maybe in some aspects were not so different after all... in a world where were forced to believe that this country is filled with such horrible people, its nice to find common ground. i love you guys and ill be talking to you very ya


kmnretz said...

I'm really sorry but I just have to say "What's up Doc". Bugs Bunny made me do it.

kmnretz said...

What's up with the rubber bands on everyones weapon? And whats that on the front of the helmet? GPS

carol said...

Hey you,
sounds like your finally putting all those skills to good use :)

Mary Lou said...

HI, Eric!!! Grandma and I just read your blogs and saw all your pics. So happy that you have a place like this so we can see and hear from you!! Have you gotten any of Grandma's letters yet?? She's very focused on writing you every Sunday!! I get teary-eyed every time I see your face!! But I know that this is what you trained so hard for and YOU ARE A STAR!!!!
Stay safe and know that you have some very close family members who are looking after you from above. Love, love, love you!!! XXXXOOO
Aunt Roo