Sunday, September 28, 2008

well hello again

well folks its finally cooling off. Night patrols are actually brisk. We've been having power problems latley and mosquitos are crazy around here. I was standing outside for about 20 minutes and was bit about 15 times or so...not so attractive when you have a giant lump on your forehead, not that i have anyone to look good for or anything over here haha.
Id like you to meet Neama, Shes the little girl that feel out of a second story balcony. She was excited to see us on the ground and fell while pointing at us. My team and I were less then 10 feet when she fell. She landed on her head and went into a seizure. She didnt breath for about 30 second or so. I controled bleeding and with the help of a few of my guy's held her neck as we scooped her up and hauled ass to our trucks. We evacuated her to our aid station she was flown out to Balad where she could get a full CAT scan and MRI. This picture was taken about 5 days later. The funny thing is she knew exactly who I was when she saw me again. She is going to make a full recovery. If you look closely she has a black right eye and behind her ears she has bruising, this is indicative of head trauma.
As for me just the same stuff happening around here, more and more patrols. Take care everyone. Coming home in November


Anonymous said...

I Love You....hurry up and come home!


Anonymous said...

Call me....I have my phone with me now....sorry I missed your call!
Love you...Mom

Our Family said...

Neama is so adorable! I am glad to hear that she is recovering well. Keep up the good work Eric! I can't tell you enough, how proud I am of you! Stay safe!!!

Unknown said...

Hi, Honey...what an impact you are having in lives over there! What an adorable little girl who will never forget you! You're the best!!
Love you lots,