Thursday, September 18, 2008

wow that really escalated quickly

We were sitting at a house earlier today and we found a cool little scooter to mess around on. Im Taking the stunting scene international. popping wheelies and running around with my M4 mounted on the handle bars... I felt like Chuck Norris in Delta Force.

Shortly after we left we were waiting on our trucks to pull up and pick us up. We were about 30 to 40 meters away and they hit an IED. The blast was massive. It rocked everything inside you. we all started moving into position to get the guys out of the truck and start treating the injured when the call over the air came in, "were all up, everyone is ok". A huge sigh of relife came out of all of us. We were all ok, nothing damaged, the projectile went right over the hood of the truck. Another 2 feet closer and it would have been a hit on the passenger side. Then we were engaged by small arms fire across the street on top of a roof, a couple guys. One team moved to the roof and another to the other side of the street in order to return fire closer to them. After lots of shooting from our automatic weapons, m4's and 203's there was not a sound to be heard.

Everyone in the streets had dissapeared and there was nothing but silence. Only the sound of the ringing in your ears was heard, And the ringing goes on and on...


piratelikesoatml said...

sheesh. Im glad everyone is okay. <3

heyydoyouworkout said...

your pictures made me laugh ahhahaha
you look super tired though. you can see it in your eyes. glad to see you can still have some entertainment while youre out there :) ha
love you.

Mary Lou said...

Good god, how do you keep your nerves from being completely frayed? Great that you have all found a way to stay sane through all the madness. You and your guys are all amazing!!


Love you!!!!
Aunt Roo

bluizboync said...

That's a nice danged couch man! Take care of yourself----Will

I live to party said...

hey its jessica, jb, ilive2party , i recently deleted my myspace and then made a new one.. find me son

glad to see your making use out of your time!!!! nice wheelie!

Mary Lou said...

Hi,darlin' Do you have your hearing back yet??? Can't wait to see you soon!!


Love you lots,
Aunt Roo