Monday, September 8, 2008

what kind of man?

So today was probally one of the hardest days ive had here in this country so far. I was about to go work out and was approached by our company commander to take a look at a little girl with another fellow medic. We were told limited information about the situation and only told that her father had beaten her yesterday, and she was pretty roughed up. So we grabbed our aid bags and went next door to take a look at her. She was ushered into the room by the iraqi Army that lives next to us and we knew it was pretty serious. Her lips and hands had been badly burned by a strong chemical. we quickly broght her back to our aid station and started our eval. Her lips and hands had severe burns and she was in a lot of pain. we were told through rough translation that it happened yesterday some time. Her arms and legs were bound and she was beaten and dumped on the side of the road by her drunken father. She had bruising to her legs and hands. She fainted at one time while we were cleaning her up... trying to make it as painless as possible she just passed out from the pain. we later found out that it had happened 5 days ago and she hasnt been able to eat or drink anything since. We called for Evac and started an IV. loaded her up and she was gone within 15min. The father was found by the brother in law and turned into the Iraqi Army...i never saw the man but i was told that swift justice would be in effect... remember where we are. How can a man do something like this to a child. The reason he did it was that he gave her money to go buy him cigaretts but it was after 1100 pm which is curfew, she refused and this was the result. I dont understand this place anymore... this country is filled with such extreams. Weather, poverity and violence, but today I saw the result of true evil.


Anonymous said...

at least shes in the hands of better people now and doesn't have to worry about him anymore.
im sure shes truly thankful for you you men.

Unknown said...

OMG!! This made me cry!! Thank god you were there to help her. This is why you're there. To help those who can't help themselves. It's truly a hell-hole. It's unimaginable what people do to each other!! You're making a difference in people's lives. That's what you wanted to do while you're there! I commend you for your empathy and your ability to help where you're needed!!
Love you sooooo much!
Keep doing something that makes sense in all this craziness!!
Aunt Roo