Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i know i know, its been almost a month since ive posted anything. sorry. nothng much to report in our neck of the woods. weve done a few raids and such but mostly just recon patrols and finding out what the population is doing durring ramahdan. violence is expected to pick up durring this month. the religious month requires you not to eat smoke drink any fluids durring the day. your required to pray 5 times a day. so if i couldnt eat or drink all day id probally be a little aggitated to and want to fight some body...and who better than the americans! unforunatlly weve lost 2 soldiers in the last week to EFP's (Explosive Formed Penatrators) they peirce through the armor of our vehicles and explode inside. extreamly powerful and very deadly. these people are resourseful... placing these ieds in open areas but making them look just like a rock or hunk of concrete. your just always looking, your mind is racing, wondering if that chunk of concrete could actually blow up.

well here are some pics from some of our adventures in sector lately. i hope you all enjoy


Anonymous said...

so umm....does your friend have a glittery army shirt??


Everet H. said...

Duude, you look stacked in that second picture! You're goin' to need new fatigues to fit those guns!

- E.