Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello from germany

I appoligize once again for the latency of my posts. im not back from leave at home and enjoying this beautiful in summertime. Unfortunatly we usally have to travel outside of our base's home town in order to get decent weather. Baumholder resides on a mountian top. We usally get horrible weather all the time. One minute its sunny the next its pouring. I suppose thats more of a reason to go get out of town. Recently we traveled to Bavaria to see a concert. It's such a beautiful countryside to drive through.
Im not longer attached to my platoon of guys, which is depressing because i was returned to the aid station. It's normal procedure for all line medic's. So new people and new rules to come. But its ok. My friends and I are planning to go to all sorts of locations while we have a few months left here in Germany before I head over to Oklahoma. Im going to try to visit Cezch Republic, France and Amsterdam. Hopefully ill get the chance.


Our Family said...

Enjoy your time in Europe! I loved France, you should definatly try to go there. The food is sooooo good and the scenery is absolutely beautiful! I only drove through Amsterdam but it was equally beautiful. Have fun!

Unknown said...

What does "latency" mean????
I'm happy you're on a mountaintop or anywhere else other than the hot, windy, wild desert!!! (In Iraq, that is)...
Enjoy your time in Germany!! Yes, travel, go to those fabulous places! Take pictures! This is your chance!!! Go for it!!!
Aunt Roo
(I can't believe tht my security word for this post is "spermi" LOL

Wendi Williams Photography said...

Come back to the States