Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

Everyone. well another holiday has come and gone while im away. Days like this make me miss my family. As im sure everyone else is sharing my feelings on this day of thanks. I just got back from R and R leave aboout 2 weeks ago. I liked home alot better haha, but it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Patrols are better and overall things are better as well.

The other day on patrol we opened the soccer fields in our area. They were locked down because the city wasnt taking care of them. we went and cut all the locks on the gates. Immeadiatly kids from everywhere started cheering and pouring into the field. They was so damn excited about those fields. We told them "this is yours, now go have fun". It was all smiles and thank yous. It was a pretty cool expierence being able to do that. Soccer is everything to them. Ive seen the kids play soccer with a rock and no shoes on in the dirt streets.

Still day to day life. patrols got on and on. Its part of life out here. But it feels good to be back with my guys.


Anonymous said...

You are missed very much, son....just know we will be thinking of you all day...and we will say an extra special prayer for your safety as we gather around our turkey. I love you very much....kisses and hugs, babe!

Love you...Mom

Mary Lou said...

We missed you lots on Thanksgiving Day!!! Wish you were here with us, but I know that you have an important job to do and we're thankful that you chose to do it. You're the best!! Love and miss you always!!!
Aunt Roo

KurtMartiNick said...

It was Thanksgiving? Oh well missed it again.

Amanda said...

Hey Eric! Haven't talked to you in ages (high school maybe?) but I stumbled across your blog via Stephanie Gonzales's. Thought I'd wish you a happy (belated) thanksgiving. Hope you're doing well. - Amanda Gonzalez